Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Graduate

Well, after ten semesters and just over three years, Marianne has graduated from the University of Utah in Exercise & Sport Science. We came to Seattle for Christmas and she had but one assignment remaining: a paper discussing renal (kidney) disease which she banged out in just a couple days. I am so proud of her. She's never taken a semester off (she went during all the summer semesters) and she has almost always given her all to learn the material (everybody does just enough to get by sometimes). She even got a 4.0 once. Here's a picture of the graduate:Now she will be transferring to Weber State University to finish up the prerequisites for Dental Hygiene school and then get that professional license. Such dedication. I, however, still have one semester remaining.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stupid Templates

I used to consider myself up-to-date when it came to technology, but I have discovered that my knowledge stops at html coding, or any kind of computer coding for that matter. Here is the most recent example: I changed my template to a more wintery theme. Even though I followed the instructions of the template blog I lost my blog list, which apparently is what they meant when they said "widget". So, I had to find and re-add all my favorite blogs! stupid. (So if I forgot you please leave me a comment so I have your address.) Why did this happen? How can I make it not happen again? Also, I like this template, but why does it have 3 columns? I wish I could make it only have 2 columns so there isn't empty wasted space over there.