Monday, April 19, 2010

On Being An Effective, Healthy Adult

I'm doing a project in my health class in which students are to create and defend a thesis answering the question "How can I become an effective, healthy adult?" The project requires the students to self-direct and find whatever answers they want. They then write the thesis and present it to me and I determine if it moves on to a panel of three teachers, who will then decide if the student passes the project. Two of the three most vote that the student did well enough to pass. The student will then present their finalized product to the class.

My object in posting this is to ask those who read this to give their opinion on what an effective, healthy adult does or is. You don't need to create the thesis but just help me out by offering what you feel ought to be included in the evaluation so that I might have more recommendations, suggestions and understandings than mine alone. I could break it down this way: what skills does an effective adult have? what is your definition of health? how does one move from childhood to adulthood (I hope your answer isn't "by turning 18")? what keeps a person healthy? and any other insights you have.

I want the students to create well-thought-out and introspective response, which might be asking a lot, but if they want to pass they need to prove to me they've thought about it. I'll appreciate any help you can offer.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Camden has recently attempted to locomote. He's always enjoyed moving, whether on my shoulders or by climbing on Marianne, myself, or any other number of things that give him any leverage. He's pushed himself forward and can hold up his bodyweight. But in all honesty, he much prefers trying to walk versus trying to crawl. Today, however, you will see rare video documentation of his actual ability to move under his own power via scoot-crawling. Things are getting fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Erica was given an Amish Friendship Bread starter by one of her visiting teachers a few weeks ago, which turned into her making 4 starters which she kept some of, which turned into her making 4 more starters which she kept some of, etc, etc. One day a few weeks ago there were probably 14 bags of starters on our kitchen counter. I have had the thought for sometime that it shouldn't be called Amish Friendship Bread, but Amish HATRED Bread, because it requires the person you give it to unsolicited work and toil for the next 10 days. I voiced my opinion about this many times while Erica was in the thick of it (as I voice my opinion much too often when it comes to Erica for some reason), and so one evening she brought me this.

I despised myself as I mixed it each day and added on the 6th day and bought pudding for the 10th day. The real kicker is that it is just so yummy!

I now have 1 starter left to giveaway. Anybody want some Amish Hatred Bread?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I believe . . .

Here is Camden at the October 2009 Conference. Almost 4 weeks old.

And here he is almost 7 months!

Conference weekend is the best.