Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Goon

The last two years Connie has invited us to her work Lagoon Day.  It has been so fun, especially since we would never be able to pay the outrageous entry fee for us all.  Chris even got off work early enough to come.  Thanks Connie!

Tired?  Excited?  Holding my bus pass. :)

Taking Cam on the rides was hilarious.  He wanted to go on them so bad, but had a hard time waiting in line.  Once he got on, he would pull this face the whole time.  You may start noticing a theme.


Based off these pics would you think he didn't like being on the ride?  I would go to get him out and he would always ask, "Mo Mo Mo" (more)  So waiting in line was difficult as was him understanding that he had to get off, get back in line, to get back on again.

Chris and Cam.

By the end of the day he was SO tired, but wanting to go on rides, so finally we just had to leave the park with a crying/tired child.  We were there from 11:00am till 4:30pm, so we hung in for quite awhile. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sniff Sniff

Elder Clark Judd Adams Christensen started his missionary journey today.  

We are so proud of him and will miss him.

I hope the letter I sent Tuesday was waiting for him.

Let's get going on these next two years.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bike for your life

I rode my bike to Robinette's.  Chris bladed.  Cam sat there and enjoyed the scenery.  Need I say more?  It was HARD.  My arms were sweating.  Camden learned (about 3/4 the way up 200 north) how to shift my gears to increase resistance, that caused a problem.  I could hardly get up the hill in the first place!

I kept thinking, "I am going to stop and rest at the end of this block" "I am going to stop and rest when we get to the church", but for the most part we just kept trucking along.  We stopped once to cross 200 North and then we walked up the last leg of the journey, up Oakmont Drive.

We did it.  And we'll probably never do it again, but thank you Robinette's for being a worthy end-goal!  And thanks for letting us hangout with you all night.

4.6 Miles, uphill.  Took us probably about an hour.  We are professionals (NOT).

View Directions to 1360 East Oakmont Fruit Heights, UT 84037 in a larger map

Oh yeah, how could I forget the ride home?  10:00pm.  Straight downhill.  Very windy.  Raining sometimes.  Camden was OUT.  His head was bobbing all over the place.  It was really sad.  When I got off the bike, everywhere hurt because I was trying to hold Cam's body up with my left arm and hold his head back with my chin and not DIE in the wind.  Bleh. 

Real Salt Lake (imagine accent)

One of the great things (maybe the only great thing) about Clarkie heading off to Mexico to serve a mission, is that we want to hang out with each other like ALL THE TIME, so we can soak up the Clarkiness.  He organized this trip out to Rio Tinto Stadium to watch Real Salt Lake on August 6th. We got the cheapo tickets so we were staring into the hot hot sun until about 60 minutes into the game.

Gug gets serious.

Love the self portrait telling shadow.

After half time, Dad was off playing with Camden and this weird guy game to join our row/sit in our seats.  It was funny.  I took a disguise picture of him.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the Red Mango in Sugerhouse!  It was YUMMY!  Can't you tell by our expressions?

Camden is getting real good at "cheese".

Another self pic.  L = loser.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


If you can guess which 5 of these 10 people got food poisoning from The Pizza Factory last week I will give you a prize!  (Present company excluded). 

P.S. Congrats Gugs on gradeeatin from UCMT!

Friday, August 5, 2011

He's BACK!!

Chris, Cam and I made our way to YogoTogo tonight in style!

Chris whipped out his blades from the good ol' days in F-dub and Cam and I rode the bike.

It was so fun to see Chris trying out all his old moves (his skates are NOT made for distance mind you).

Frozen Yogurt @ YogoTogo = $8.64

Family Time = Priceless

We tried to invite Gug and Waz but they both pooped out on us.

Afterwards we braved Crestwood and rode up to G-ma and G-pa Adams.  It was super fun!

The funniest part of all was that Cam was in UNDIES the whole time.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Cat urine and I are the most bitter worst enemies.