Friday, August 14, 2009

Time flies.

It is amazing how the time flies by. We have been enjoying life the past few weeks and stuffing it full of many activities. Many baby showers (thank you all), moving to our new condo in Layton, preparing for the baby and getting settled in our place before he comes has kept us with much to do.

The Adams' Family Baby Shower

Amazingly wonderful trifle (?) that Jennifer made.

The Robinette girls.

An adorable little hat!

The Dental Office Baby Shower

One of Pat Glenn's friends made this cake. It was so cute and delicious. Thanks!

So excited for Candice's diapers! of course.

The most wonderful moving crew. Thank you Robinette family.

Dad took us to Tasties after we moved a large portion of our stuff.

Down in Gug's town. We visited her at work.

"Nobody sees the wizard. Not nobody not nohow!"

After Clark's soccer game. pickle face.