Friday, August 27, 2010

Check it 1,2

Check this out for the cutest thing ever in my life. 

Click here.

Scroll to the bottom for major cuteness of Cam and Tolly.

Thank you Circe, for the magic camera controlling hands.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am desperately wanting to be at a Relief Society Activity, which started at 7:00, but Camden is asleep and Chris is not home. He was supposed to be home by now, but his Frontrunner train had a 20 minute delay. Wonderful. So in trying to keep myself distracted in hopes that I will not get more angry about this situation . . . I present you with . . . my hygiene instruments!

Kelly, does this take you back? I got them today and already my first name, last initial and class # are on every single one of them. That was fun. Man I am psyched to actually know what it all does.

However, this baby has GOT to be my new favorite thang.

Come on Chris. GET HOME!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Convertible Car Seat Conundrum.

Does anyone have great knowledge to share on this subject? We'd like to put Cam in a front-facing car seat the DAY he turns one (or before, but you law-abiding citizens needn't know that detail), but I am torn over whether the expensive ones are really worth it ($170 - $200) or just get a cheapo one ($60).

What is important in a convertible car seat?

Where did y'all get yours?

Sam's Club? Target? Babies 'R Us? Online?

Freak. Any and ALL help will be greatly appreciated.

Or shall we just keep him in the cooler? He seems happy enough.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Good Friends

Kel, Brooke, Dax, Me, & Cam (always looking at Daxton).

Megan, Mac and Daxton. He is such a cutie.

Lindsay reading to Camden. This just tugs at my heart strings. They've never met, but Camden hands her a book, sits in her lap, and she reads it to him. Nothing better to a mother than good friends who treat your family like their own.

Kelli had to leave early, but these are the valiant 6 (usually).

Camden checking up on Daxton before they left. He kept lifting up the blanket to look at him. These boys are going to be good friends, I just have a feeling.

It was so good to get together with old friends and catch up on Saturday.
Thanks everybody who could come!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear ToothFairy/Easter Bunny/Santa Clause/etc,

I'd like these. Please.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bring on the Rain

It all started as an innocent Saturday afternoon trip to the K-town Library.

Picnic by the bowery.

Playing in a puddle. I thought this dirty leg was pretty bad.

Exploring out into the great abyss which is the parking lot.

The ominous-ness is growing.

Then before you can say Jack Robinson, full on playing the in gutters with the rain (and two abandoned pop cans.)

First it was a squat.

Then it was a sit.

Then it was splashing.

It was an absolutely wonderful discovery for Cam.