Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Beatles!

Camden is walking around saying (not singing)

"I want to hold your hand.  I want to hold your hand.  Please oh please oh please.  I want to hold your hand."

It's funny to hear it stated so matter of factly.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Circle of Life

Erica got us all rarin' to go about family pictures, so here we are at Andy's Pond. 

Sneak Peek

Remind you of anything???

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What does it tell you about my diet/lifestyle/poor-ness that I am psyched to be eating some Trail Mix right now. I found it hidden in the pantry. I think I bought it after Camden was born, because I had trail mix (capitalized last time, but not this time!) in the hospital and really loved it. That tells you something else about me.

 I have implemented a CASH ONLY system (for non-bill items) at 905 S Main Street starting this month. Chris gets paid Thursday so . . . hopefully we have some $$ then. Nothing like a CASH ONLY system to make you realize how many dumb dollars you spend on dumb things.

I did yoga and worked hygiene at my Dad's office today. My husband, whom I love, made me a deal. If I took a yoga class he would clean the bathroom. What does that tell you about how much he values physical activity? How much does that tell you about how annoying I am when I have not exercised and been home with the kids nonstop for the past 5 weeks? But really it is the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! My husband who has not touched a Clorox wipe (or anything else anti-bacterial) to a toilet since we've been married (maybe/probably not before that either) will be cleaning the hall bathroom this week. AND the second yoga class I take is good for the bathroom in our bedroom.