Saturday, March 16, 2013

Julie & Julia

As many of you know I am big on functionality/efficiency and not so big on design/fashion.  I've been forming a plan to put a pegboard in my kitchen because I felt like I was always drying/putting away/getting out certain pans to cook with.


Priming/Painting on the Patio

The base boards

In Use
I have many people to thank for the completion of this project.  Julia Childs for the idea.  A YouTube Video of two guys putting up a pegboard in their garage.  McKelle Nilsen for the idea to sand the label off so I could paint on a certain side, also for providing me with some sandpaper.  Brooke Dickson Motes my painting consultant.  Shane and Kenzie Stratford for letting us borrow their electric drill.  Christopher Allen Moody for helping to put it into the wall.  My downstairs neighbor for being at work during the extremely loud drilling into the wall for a few hours (we had a few troubles).  Project Complete.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Gug and I independently got the urge to chop our hair on Valentines Day!
Here is the story in pics.

Ta Da!!