Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Some new pictures that Alisha took the other day. Such a cutie.

This is a laugh, not a cry.

Sweet little smile.

This is the look I get often, "Mom . . . what the freak are you doing?"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trixie Tracker

Have any of you ever heard of this Trixie Tracker? It keeps track of your baby's sleeping, diapers, nursings, etc. It is pretty crazy. I was looking for an iTouch App that would let me keep track of it and this is the closest thing we (Alisha was helping me) find. They'll give you a free 14 day trial and then it is like $8 a month (hopefully I will have a better idea of his schedule before I am tempted to buy the monthly subscription), but I am hoping it helps me to know when he likes to sleep during the day and etc.

About Trixie Tracker
Rich, informative charts and striking visualizations help you better understand your amazing baby’s needs and daily rhythms. Trixie Tracker can be shared online so that parents, family and caregivers can communicate with each other.

Lets you track:
- sleep schedules
- diaper changes
- bottle and breastfeeding
- solids
- pumping
- milk inventory
- medicine doses

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beautiful Child

After a few days of being a mother, I know what everybody is talking about. It's crazy. I start to get really emotional at night, because of how much I love my little family. I don't want anything to change. It seems like I am less able to cope with these unwanted imminent changes at night. Being a mother is a whole new adventure, especially the breastfeeding part. I think (and pray) that I am starting to figure just a few things out and am able to be more comfortable. Sometimes I want to get in the car to visit friends and family, but the idea of putting Camden in that huge carseat all by himself when it is unfamiliar to him kills me, so . . . we stay at home. We have appreciated the privacy that we have been given so we can get to know our little family these first few days. Another idea that I hate is putting clothes on his beautiful little body. It seems so cruel. Hopefully by the time it gets cold outside I will be over this one, but for the moment nakedness is what we are all about in our house. Another issue that I am torn on is the use of Mylicon. I don't want to overuse it or have it as a crutch, but we have used it a few times, because it is so sad to see Camden fussy over gas. Any comments on this experienced mothers? I'm not sure I notice a difference when I use it or not. We have an appointment with the pediatrician on Tuesday, so I am hoping to get some good counsel from him. I am worried about the "appointment-ness" of the doctor, because I really have no control (at least I don't feel like I do, or realize I do, if I do) over when he is hungry, fussy, happy, sleep, etc. I told them I would be there at 11:15, but I have yet to abide by any sort of schedule with this child and hope I can get there within a reasonable range of 11:15. But that means I have to put him in his carseat (tears welling up in my eyes). Here are some recent pics.

Leaving the hospital. :(

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camden Clark Moody

Marianne and I ventured to the hospital last night because Camden had decided to wait a long time before coming out. We arrived there at 7:30pm expecting to be given a cervix-ripening medication and then be induced the following morning. Marianne had started having contractions earlier that day so when they checked her they discovered the "cervix-ripener" would not be necessary. They almost immediately started her on Pitocin for the contractions around 8:30pm. Unfortunately, when the body doesn't start the labor on its own, surges can increase in intensity quickly. They became painful and we had to opt for more medical intervention because they were just too intense and painful for Marianne to cope. She was mainly feeling back labor and I was trying frantically to alleviate it but to no avail. So around 11:00pm she was given an epidural. This allowed her to calm down but she had gone from 3cm to 8cm. The Pitocin was stopped and we got some sleep. The nurse also put in the second bag of penicillin (for Group B Strep). They checked her again around 3:00am and discovered her own contractions were moving things along so she was upgraded to the active labor stage and began pushing around 4:20pm. She tried a few positions and was assisted by the resident doctor into her final position. Our doctor arrived around 6:00am and helped us the rest of the way. At 6:58am Marianne brought Camden into the world with his 8-pound 7-ounce, 21-inch long body. All of his assessments were outstanding and we've already discovered the magic our touch works on his mood and comfort. He is sleeping and eating and we are loving him. He is beautiful and has shiny, almost bleach blonde hair. Every once in a while he takes this quick double or triple breath. Even our voices help to calm him. I know I can feel the strength of the bonds of fatherhood and feel closer to Marianne. Our little family has been sealed and we are so blessed to have Camden.Arriving at the 'spital."We're just...waiting."A chair that becomes a bed. A good idea in theory.Doctor Susan Rose. Nurse Breanna.That's 3.83 kilos for those who are US-metric-system impaired.Holding my son.Marianne showin' some skin.What a hat.Mom and Camdy sleeping.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Never doing this again.

You are probably all thinking that my post title is concerning being pregnant and having a child, but alas an even more heinous task is CHANGING MY BLOG TEMPLATE! Holy moly. Never again. Please help me remember next time I am in pre-contemplation on changing it, that it is not worth it for the most part. Now, in my defense, every day I think I may be exudating (that is me verbatizing a noun) a child from my womb. Every day that it does not occur I get more and more dreadfully bored. So, really I guess my time was not a complete waste.

I am officially 41 weeks PG. I have been quite comfortable. The only hard part is the waiting. Just to keep some excitement going on, here are pictures of Chris and I at 41 weeks.

Also a most recent development in our family is Clark's hair cut. Love him.

As always Chris is trying to get out of this picture. He failed.