Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Matthew Gary Carter Pierce Day

Today we had the pleasure of hanging out with Matthew Gary Carter Pierce. He joined us for lunch and dinner, wrestled with Chris 3 times, watched Matlock with us, learned how to strum the guitar with Chris, helped us fix two bike tires, and if he was old enough I'm sure he would have come to the temple with us. It was so fun! Here are some pictures to share.

Dessert (candy bars) sticking on fore heads.

I took the picture just as Matt's Hershey bar fell into his cup of milk.

Love the spaghetti sauce lipstick.

Matt was genuinely interested in Chris' life stories.


Laura said...

Who is this kid with the really long name? Is he related to you, a kid in your ward, or what? That's pretty funny that the candy bar fell in his milk. We need to hang out with you guys again. What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

C and MC said...

This is my cousin. Really the only reason I know his full name is because when he was younger he would introduce himself with all 4 names. It was great. The only plans we really have are to finish up school on July 31st, go to Lake Powell the first week of August. That's it. Let's plan something and get together.

McCall said...

I LOVE that Matt's candy bar fell in his milk! You guys are so sweet w/ him!