Sunday, November 2, 2008

Denver Zoo

When we were in Denver a few weeks ago, we went to the Denver Zoo. These were the cutest little baby animals. This first video is of an energetic baby giraffe.

This is a video of red pandas, or "firefox" is their nickname. It's kind of long, but they are so cute and little. It was surprisingly how gingerly they moved around on the rock, because we are used to seeing the adults who are so agile and quick.


Scott, Kelly, Liz said...

Very cute! I love going to the Zoo. Why were you in Denver?

C and MC said...

Kelly, we went to Denver over our Fall Break to visit Chris' sister and her family.

The Carters said...


All I have to say were in denver and you didn't even call me? Did you at least think about me? Wait, wait....did you even know that I LIVE here!!!!! You really should pay me a visit sometime! Especially when it's the month of my birthday and I am all alone out here in the mile high city!