Sunday, June 21, 2009

Utah Summer Games

(This is Chris writing)
Yesterday Marianne and I drove down to Cedar City for the Utah Summer Games. I competed in weightlifting in the 94kg and under weight class (though it should be called "mass class" because we all know mass is measured in grams and is not a function of gravity like weight). As is my tradition, I made a video documenting the day a little bit.

Yes, I won the Gold. There were only 2 people in my weight class and the other dude did not complete any of his clean and jerks and was therefore disqualified (though had he completed the lightest one he attempted, he would have blown me away). By medaling, I qualified for the 2011 State of Games in San Diego, CA. Crazy.


Blake and Laura said...

Congratulations Chris! That is exciting!

The Carters said...

What day in July? We are probably coming out the 11-12 for our nephews baby blessing?

McCall said...

You are going to get a wicked hernia from that crap! Is that why you shaved your head? You do look pretty mean :)

Michelle said...

Wow...Awesome job Chris! Jaden is so impressed with your skill!!!
Blake, Michelle, & Jaden

Connie Moody said...

Congrats, Chris!!