Thursday, July 16, 2009

A bit of lately

A picture journal of our lives lately.
(Picture captions can be found below each picture.)

Ring burn? My actual wedding ring got safely tucked away back into it's original box so these pregnant fingers will stop getting this ring rash.

Gug and I went on a hike the day before the 4th of July up Adams Canyon. So fun.

Chris was gone on the High Adventure with the priests and teachers in our ward, so Erica stepped up to take our 8 month (32 week) prego picture.

Serious Kaysville parade watching by Clark. They got those cool necklaces at the parade.

An orthodontist invited our dental office (and the rest of the world) to a party at the Roy Aquatic Center last Thursday. Chris had told me he was going to perform a double back flip. This is him in preparation to ascend.

The 1.5 back flop.
I wish I would have continued filming him as he came out of the pool saying "owie! owie! That really hurt!"

The burn from slapping the water.

These boys were doing some sweet flippies and jumps off the boards.
Jake, Clark, Jon.

Clark's constant crew as of late. Chris, Clark, Jake, and Jon.

Mom, Dad, and Clarkie.


TyandMar said...

MC!! You look like a babe. Seriously, I see pregnant people and I totally miss it! There's nothing better. Enjoy your last few weeks with just you and Chris...once the little guy comes it will never just be "C and MC" again. :) Kids are wonderful!

CrazyKennedys said...

those were some good updates!! I miss our walks...stupids school and worky work. looks like you've been havin, yes that's a bruise on dave's arm from falling on rebar..ouch

Blake said...

Chris, I would love to see what you could do on the 40 foot platforms that were at the pool Laura and I went to while in Utah.