Friday, October 9, 2009

The Life

Do all of these pictures need a narrative? Maybe only a few.

He came to this position all on his own and was comfy. Hilarious.

This hooded towel is still a bit big, but so soft.

Camden Clark Moody and Clark Judd Adams Christensen show off their similar hair styles. Please excuse Camden's nasty neck rolls, he is a growing boy.

Gug and Camdie during conference.

I was amazed Camden slept in this position. The magic of Clark I guess.

Our first adventure with the stroller. I am holding a little wooden white thing that goes on my blinds, it is what we went to get on our outing.

I know it is blurry (grrr). However, it is still such a cute smile it makes up for the blurriness.

In the cute outfit that Brittany D. gave him. Love the doggie feet.


Circe said...

Our babies do look a little bit alike! Those pictures crack me up. Camden is gorgeous!! My girls loved your note. Thanks! We'll be glad to have you back at dance!

Anonymous said...

SO cute. He is growin so fast! I like the doggy outfit ha ha :) And oh my heck, him and clark's hair. That is hilarious. I bet we could get Jane's mullet to do that too! Fun pictures :)
love, brit

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

these pics make me miss you. i can't wait to meet your little baby. again, he looks like chris:)

CrazyKennedys said...

cute wittle pix! I love when you update cuz I never see you since we don't go on our walks!! he's getting big, but still so teeny!

John and Stef said...

Being a mom really is "the life"! I love all of your pictures, especially the one of him on the huge bed - I wasn't sure why you posted a picture of your bed for a minute. Then I saw why...! :)

Tori said...

Too cute Mar, way too cute :)

The Robinett's said...

Basically I love him, he is such a little cutie.