Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food for Thought

It all started with water.

Next, came oreos.

The milk carton.

The faucet, naturally.

Rice cereal!

Cookie dough right off the beaters!

A biter biscuit thing, which he nearly choked and died from a few days later.

Last, but not least, spaghetti!

Last week he almost grabbed the entire tray of sacrament bread.  
I think we are safe to say that this child has a love for food.


Circe said...

Wow, Tolly can't even handle rice cereal or baby food. Let alone oreos! Camden is just an over achiever!

Blake and Laura said...

Mmmm...Makayla pretty much devoured food when we first started her on real food. Maybe it has something to do with chunky babies. They know what it's all about.

The Beckstroms said...

No, no chunky babies do NOT have a monopoly on food. Annie eats twice as much as Taryn does on a regular basis. She ate a whole ham sandwich for lunch the other day along with a cup of peaches, a cup of milk, and some crackers. And she is tiny! That amount is normal for her and we have no idea where it goes.

John and Stef said...

So cute! I love how in every picture he's progressively getting chubbier too!! What a stud.

brittyd said...

Camden is SO cute! I haven't seen him in forever! He's gettin to be a little chunk. So stinkin precious! I like his little ducky towel! :)

Dad/Grandpa said...

Camden is like his Dad...

Tori said...

My kind of man :) He's so cute Mar! Holy cow.. keep him away from the girls when he gets older!

Anonymous said...

hahaha that was funny :)