Sunday, May 2, 2010

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If you give Camden a toy, he's going to put it in his mouth.

When he puts it in his mouth, he'll probably ingest many of the germs that are on it.

When they have worked their way into his body, they'll make him sick.

Then he'll have a runny nose and a cough. After having a runny nose for 2 weeks, he will probably develop an ear infection.

When he has had an ear infection for a few days, he will wake up multiple times at night and not go back to sleep.

After a few night's of not sleeping, both his parents will be at their wits end. This will motivate his mother to call the doctor.

When you go to the doctor, he will check Camden's ears and confirm your suspicions. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic and you'll start the two week regimen that day.

While on this antibiotic Camden may have a weird diaper rash or yeast infection. His mother may be slow to react in a preventive way and a full blown yeast infection may ensue.

Camden's yeast infection may spread to his mouth.

If it spreads to his mouth, it will likely spread to his mother. She will experience excruciating, stabbing, searing pain and open wounds and want to cry when feeding him.

Eating may remind Camden that he is feeling good, and wants to play.

And chances are if he wants to play, he'll put a toy in his mouth.


Circe said...

That is so clever and funny! Love it! But not really funny that you're both sick. Ooo boy, I hope the nursing thing gets better! Poor little sick guy...nothing worse than a sick baby, especially at night. Good luck!

TyandMar said...

Sorry MC!! Sounds like you've had a rough one the past week or so. Hope he feels better soon!

Tori said...

Oh Mar! Sounds like you have had quite the ordeal! Hope everyone gets feeling better soon so you can welcome in spring! Love ya

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

oh the joys of motherhood....:)

LeeAnn said...

What a great way to express the vicious cycle of childhood! Love those cooties!