Thursday, April 28, 2011


Are you sick of hearing about this yet?  Camden loving dogs?  Because he does.  Another case in point occured on Monday.  Erica, the amazing Auntie, was walking her fam-in-law's dog Mandy.  She (Erica, not Mandy) brought her (Mandy not Erica) over and Camden was in H.E.A.V.E.N.  I think you can see the energy in these first few pics.  They played outside for forever, then Camden wanted to help walk Mandy. So, Erica, the amazing Auntie, walked Camden and the dog for awhile.  This boy loves dogs.

Licking, not biting.

Camden had REFUSED to put on a diaper all day, but when Erica told him he needed some clothes on to walk the dog he RAN into the house, layed down for his diap, ran to get his clothes, AND shoes and socks to boot!  That was one excited child.

Starting on their journey.

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blair said...

He is a doll. I love how excited he was about the dog.

Also, I'm super curious about whether you use cloth diapers (I'm not pregnant). I would love to use them when I have kids (I'm not pregnant) and want to pick your brain about it sometime. And to be clear, I'm not pregnant, just an obsessive planner.