Monday, May 23, 2011

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day that wasn't.

The Terrible: Cam's poopie (understatement) diaper while driving down to BYU with Blake and Jenn Hart, which also got on my shirt.

that wasn't: First of all that the poop did not get anywhere (smell excluded) in their pristine car.  Then Erica came and picked me up, let me use her bathroom to clean IT ALL (Cam, diaper, outside, liner, inside) up, and put stain remover on my shirt.  I had ONE extra disposable diaper in my bag to use.  Erica let me borrow a shirt to replace my pooped on one.

The Horrible: Camden pooping again (if you could call it that) in the LAST diaper I had, that in minutes went through the diaper to the only pair of shorts I had for him.

that wasn't: Again Erica comes to the rescue with the stain remover and an understanding mentality that I NEVER would have had before having my own child.  It really amazes me.  We swung by the Creamery and bought a whole package of diapers.

The No Good: Camden throwing up at Erica's house while eating lunch.  Then AGAIN while at the track meet. :(  Copious amounts of blueberry pomegranate tinted regurgitate and Camden crying afterwards about the taste in his mouth and gross feeling.  His only clean shirt (and my pants) now dirty and we all had to wipe a little puke off ourselves.

that wasn't: Erica and Mom cleaned up the throw up at Gug's house while I washed off Camden, and Erica let me borrow some shorts and undies.  (At this point I am only in half my own clothes) And again at the track meet, everyone just quickly and quietly supported by helping us clean up as much as we could and those not so close just looked away.

The Very Bad: Having to possibly miss both twinners run the 4 x 400m race to get to Taryn's dance recital on time, or see their race and miss the first part of her dance recital.

that wasn't:  They ran their race, DEMOLISHED the competition, got first in state, Gug and I got a pic with them (after a little running around literally and figuratively), we got to the dance recital on time, got Cam in all new clothes (thanks to Chris for bringing them down) and we didn't miss a wink of Taryn dancing.

Day: After enjoying the dance recital (Taryn was wonderful!) we got to hang out with Amy our long lost WA cousin, which was an absolute delight.  Thanks for coming into town, Amy!

Phew.  There were a few more incidents after the recital at Er and Jar's which they handled amazingly well for not having their own mess-producing-flarty-poop-on-the-carpet-in-multiple-places children, after making us some quick dinner (Do you love these two already?  How could you not?).

Do you get the picture?  Now for a few.

Jar, Er, Mom, Cam enjoying the beautiful weather.

Post- Upchuck #2, loving running down the hill and watching the runners.


Gug taking quality pics with her new nice camera.

Cam and Jared running the track at the Y.  Jared practically owns that place.


Dallin, me, Landon and Gug.  These boys will be famous someday I'm sure.

Amy, Cam, Me and Chris.  Enjoying ice cream together.


TyandMar said...

Wow. Seriously wow. That kid could give Olivia a run for her $$! (Olivia poops LOTS and LOTS) Glad you survived with a smile on your face. Children are wonderful aren't they!!

McCall said...

I saw one of the twins (Dallin, I believe) in the paper on Sunday! So cool!
Lucky you have such a killer family!!

Circe said...

I love the baby diaper runner picture. So cute! You would be completely ostracized in China. their kids are in layers and layers of clothing year-round. We thought Xanthe weighed about a hundred pounds when we saw the first pictures of her! It's amazing how not a big deal puke and poop become when you have kids. I've been thrown up on at the last three recitals/Nutcrackers by kids who weren't even mine. I love the McGuyver aspect of trying to recover form bout after bout of messiness. You handled it very well, I must say! Imagine my friend bringing her puking daughter home from China on the airplane. Went through all three sets of extra clothing. They were both practically naked by the time they got home, and everyone on the plane hated them.

amy said...
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amy said...

I'm having weird issues commenting, first from work and now from home. Here it goes again with fingers crossed... It was positively wonderful to see your cute family! Wish it hadn't been such a rough day for Cam. Thanks for taking that picture, pretty sure it's the only I've got with you three.