Thursday, July 7, 2011

So . . .

We got some kitties.  :)

Walking to the car after Clark's softball game, there were some little kids holding a kitty.  I asked if I could hold it.  He said, "Yeah, if you'll keep it!"  Long story short, 15 minutes later we were taking home two orange kitties.  

Asleep on Cam in the carseat.

All of a sudden Camden was very interested in tuna.

"shold" = hold.

The Ferguson ladies came for a visit this morning to see them.  Thanks Kenz!

I just love this vid of Cam and the kitty love.  :)  Here we go!

Encouraging comments only please.  I have enough negative vibes coming from my OWN head.


Zachary and Shelley Thomas said...

I love kitties! Mine is my little baby and is sooo spoiled.

Circe said...

You're a good mom. Kids need pets. We love our cat, but he lives outside and never comes in. Much easier than a dog! Have fun!

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

yay for kitties!! wow-wow is our little love and livy seriously adores him!! he is so patient with her too cause she will tug him and pull his fur but he just lovingly takes it:) so happy for your new additions:) so tay and i are in southern cal until mid aug. we will be in utah for about a week before we head back to iowa. p.s. you should come to the baby shower we are throwing for mal! xoxo

TyandMar said...

Mere loves her kitty, as you can see in her post.
I'm not a huge animal lover. I respect them, but just not that into the whole thing. We got our dog Freddy during our infertility struggles. I loved him at first. Once we had Harrison, he drove me nuts at times, but still had the love for him. Long story short, he got old (we didn't get him as a puppy...we adopted him)...and deteriorated quite quickly. He stopped going potty outside, he wouldn't move from his corner in the house, was blind, deaf, sad. We had him euthanized last April. HARDEST thing I've ever done. So so sad!!! Honestly, just know...these kitties will become part of your family. But unfortunately, animals don't live as long as we do.
Enjoy your kitties!! Looks like Camden already is.
I miss our little Fred. :)

La chica llama Kelsey said...

That is a beautiful thing. I am so happy for you, as well as the kitties. I´ve no doubt you can already feel the love bond forming. I think it will be so good for Cam to have kitties; he obviously loves them and it´s a good way to teach responsibility and accountability. Now I have even MORE reason to want to come home! Only another week or two. Love!

Tori B said...

I just died of cuteness watching that video. That is seriously the sweetest interaction I have ever seen between a kid and his kitty. Just follow your heart, Pedro. That's what I do.

Shane and Kenzie said...

Oh those little kitties are so adorable! I agree that animals are so good for kids, and Camden seriously acts just like a mama to those kittens! Thank you for letting me visit for 2 days in a row... I'm obviously obsessed! ;)

Megs said...

I love my kitty!! I couldn't give her away when I came back to college, so two of my very dear friends are keeping her for me while I go to school...such a blessing!