Friday, August 5, 2011

He's BACK!!

Chris, Cam and I made our way to YogoTogo tonight in style!

Chris whipped out his blades from the good ol' days in F-dub and Cam and I rode the bike.

It was so fun to see Chris trying out all his old moves (his skates are NOT made for distance mind you).

Frozen Yogurt @ YogoTogo = $8.64

Family Time = Priceless

We tried to invite Gug and Waz but they both pooped out on us.

Afterwards we braved Crestwood and rode up to G-ma and G-pa Adams.  It was super fun!

The funniest part of all was that Cam was in UNDIES the whole time.


Whit,Tiff and B said...

Nice roller blades. haven't seen those in years! We should go biking sometime.

alysonrobinett said...

Ha ha love it! And I've said it a million times before but oh my goodness Cam is so cute! His blondie blonde hair and cute little chubby face kills me!

brittyd said...

haha whoa chris, sick blades! Also, I thought you wrote that Erica and Waz pooped on us. Instead of pooped OUT on us.
Fun stuff Merrr!