Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 1

Hard to believe, but it is true.  Camden is officially 2.  On Cam's birthday Chris had most the day off so they hung out at Pineview.  Chris reported that Camden was in his Birthday Suit most of the day.  I worked at the VA all day, then the fam got together at 89 East that evening.  I got Cam this sa-weet trike on KSL for $25 and he LOVED it.  He can't reach the pedals, and can barely reach the floor with his toes, but he loves it just the same.  And he'll grow into it right?

Oh yes, the birthday hats.  My mom's little ballet class wore these for their "Christmas Tree" dance last year in recital, so now they are just hanging around the house and Cam insisted that we all wear one pretty much the whole time we were there.

Birthday hat, blue coat a gift from Grandma C and the trike.  3 in 1.

In Clark's t-shirt that gives him the robey look.


Jared and Erica said...

Yaaaayyy! Very cute candle cookie :) I bet Cam is all partied-out after this weekend. He is so fun to be around. Good raisin' him, mar and chris

TyandMar said...

Can't believe he is already 2!!! Happy birthday to the little man.

Circe said...

Camden is WAY too cute! Happy birthday to the little sweetie. It would be a riot to get him together with Ptolemy and see how they interact. They're both so adorable! (If we do say so ourselves, right? :)

McCall said...

I totally can't believe he's 2 already! He is so darling!