Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day


Trying to study for my 8 hour National Dental Hygiene Board Exam on Tuesday.

Camden is NOT tired, will NOT sleep, will NOT play by himself and pretty much cried a large part of the night.

Went to bed late trying to get in some last minute studying and had to wake up early Tuesday.


Have NOTHING on Wednesday, don't need to go to bed early, don't need to get anything done really.

Make dinner, Cam has some, then we make treats.  Camden "helps" me.  Gets cocoa powder all over him and everything.  So before taking treats to a Valentine of ours, I start to wash him off in the bathtub.  Of course he wants to take a long bath.  He is tired.  Would probably fall asleep in a second if we didn't have somewhere to GO!

Of course.  This is my life friends.  At least that dang test is out of it now.


Whit,Tiff and B said...

I'm sorry. I can totally relate though.

Shane and Kenzie said...

You took the test?! How did it go?