Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A First

The Moody's went on their first EVER camping trip, all lone. 
"Together, but alone" (Meredith)

We stayed pretty close, the campsite was just up in Huntsville.

It wasn't very campy, because there was a house on either side of us and the next "site" was like 6 feet away, but we were the only ones there so it was still fun.  It was a good experience to see how we did, what we really needed and what we forgot! 

It was mostly cold in the morning, because a lot of the heat from the fire went towards cooking breakfast.

Cam fell asleep in the tent about 8:30pm, so Chris and I played Phase 10 around him.  It was not super comfortable, but it was super fun. 

I did NOT sleep well at all.  My lower back ached from the first of many times that I woke up.  It was pretty awful.  Maybe foam pads aren't going to do it for me anymore.

Have to document that I WAS there.

The camera died pretty early on, so picture scenery is limited.  The next step is to take some friends camping for company, because it got a little boring now and again.  Who's in?


Shane and Kenzie said...

Shane and I love to camp! Let's go!

david said...

kennedys are always up for good ol camping

david said...

david was really joni :)