Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Shoes

We are going on our Annual Mace Family Campout this weekend.  Now, in everyday life Camden does just fine without shoes, but I realized yesterday that he may want some while we're camping.  None that we have fit him anymore, so I bought some.  He didn't come with me to the store, I knew his biggest too small shoes were 8's, so naturally I bought 9's.  BUT holy smokes did they look huge.  I bought three pair, figured we could see which ones fit and which ones he liked (if he had any preference).

Option #1 - Cars - Size 9

Option #2 - OshKosh - Size 9W
Option #3 - DC - Size 9
 And which do you think he chose?  We tried all of them on.  They were all pretty dang cute.  And he went with the ones which fit the worst. 

The DC's.  This is Chris' child.

He came up with this pose all his own.

"Mom, I really like these campin' shoes!"

I think the brown ones might be best, and I'll probably hang onto them just in case he realizes that the DC's are a little clowny and big, but he told me multiple times how much he likes the ones he chose.  I asked if he liked the way they fit or the way they looked.  He said he liked the way they fit. 

Really, he'll wear them this weekend and then probably not again until it gets cold outside so a little big might be a fine way to go.  Right experienced children shoe buyers?  I need reassurance that I shouldn't run them back to Ross before Cam knows what happened and he'll be stuck with the brown ones.


mere/tay(xoxo) said...

i don't know why, but some subtle thing about this post captured the essence of mar to me:) i was sure he was gonna go with the cars shoes. i think pixar must have some sort of subliminal messaging that sucks all 1-6 yr olds in.....anyway, he is looking more and more like clark as the days go by.

Kelsey said...

ADORABLE! I think the DC's worked great for camp. Love the modeling poses.