Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What does it tell you about my diet/lifestyle/poor-ness that I am psyched to be eating some Trail Mix right now. I found it hidden in the pantry. I think I bought it after Camden was born, because I had trail mix (capitalized last time, but not this time!) in the hospital and really loved it. That tells you something else about me.

 I have implemented a CASH ONLY system (for non-bill items) at 905 S Main Street starting this month. Chris gets paid Thursday so . . . hopefully we have some $$ then. Nothing like a CASH ONLY system to make you realize how many dumb dollars you spend on dumb things.

I did yoga and worked hygiene at my Dad's office today. My husband, whom I love, made me a deal. If I took a yoga class he would clean the bathroom. What does that tell you about how much he values physical activity? How much does that tell you about how annoying I am when I have not exercised and been home with the kids nonstop for the past 5 weeks? But really it is the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! My husband who has not touched a Clorox wipe (or anything else anti-bacterial) to a toilet since we've been married (maybe/probably not before that either) will be cleaning the hall bathroom this week. AND the second yoga class I take is good for the bathroom in our bedroom.


McCall said...

Go easy on yourself (and tell Chris to too!), you just had a baby! Most people don't start working out til their 6 week appt and I didn't go back to the gym til Bear was 3 months!! You'll be fine. That is a sweet deal though!
I should do that cash only thing- I've gotta learn to save!!

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