Friday, November 2, 2012


Monday (Carving Pumpkins)

digging out the guts

my carving expertise

Tuesday (Jack O' Lantern Sloppy Joe Pie)

We did a test run on our costumes Tuesday night, and went to visit Grandma Roselyn, Grandpa & Grandma Adams, and Robinette's.

The wolf guard shooting Robin Hood.

My wolf costume, courtesy of Clytie Adams School of Ballet.  For work the next day I added a brown shirt, so it was a little less "bare"



Chris worked 2:30 - 11 so it was just me and the kiddos.  We went around our neighborhood with friends.  Breck got candy for Camden at every door, because he would not go up to the door get candy from a stranger.  Very interesting little child.  The first bowl he personally took candy out of was Aunt Jennifer's near the end of our night.  Then we went to 89 and hung out.  This one day of wearing makeup reminds me of how awful it is.  One day of the year is enough for me.  I was so happy to scrape it off that night!


Circe said...

Little Robin Hood is darling! I didn't know he had such scary teeth, though! Your mom is beautiful, and so are you...esp. without makeup!

Jared and Erica said...

Holy what'd you light up your candle with?? Its got quite the glow.

You were the wolf??? How cute!! Very good wolf too. Did you scare any of your patients? funny.

Beautiful din-din mair lair. Of course Cam is always helpin :)

Kelsey did a GREAT job on Cam's costume! He is the real deal!

and the first picture- looks like Cleo. eyes. Its his eyes! yeah!

Scott and Kelly Colton said...

Your dad was telling me about Cam's costume so I had to come check it out. Adorable and creative! I love your costume as well.