Sunday, June 1, 2008

How do people do it?

First off, we are aware that this blog won't be incredibly interesting until we have a child that people wonder about. Yesterday, I (Chris) worked a pro-style football combine at the Sportsplex in Kaysville. One of the other workers came up to me and said that a kid from Layton High died and it was of dehydration and heat stroke but I just read the story and it doesn't appear that that was the case. The medical personnel think it was something with his heart. I was going to furiously type about that but as it didn't happen, my anger over the event is none. It did get me thinking about starting a blog. It seemed kind of fun.

I will, however, talk about this. Young married couples that we know are having children and buying houses and cars and generally doing things we don't feel secure enough to do. They don't seem to have high paying jobs or mammoth inheritances. We live in Marianne's grandma's basement and get a lot of stuff free of charge (Marianne's dad pays her tuition) and still don't feel very secure. My job is kind of hit and miss with clients and how many hours I can work and Marianne works as much as she can but school and the need for breaks take over some of that time. So my question is: How do those young couples do it? What sacrifices are they making to make that work? We want children but it does seem sometimes that it would be so hard. I don't know.

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Laura said...

How do young couples do it?
As far as children, especially when they're not planned for at the time they come? I'm not sure but you'll find a way to make it. A lot of faith and prayers have helped us. I don't think we would ever be ready financially to have a baby until years and years down the road. You learn to live without certain things like lots of nice new clothes or eating out often.
I don't know how people are buying houses and brand new cars. We see people living around us who are still in school and we are sure they are in massive debt because of their extravagant purchases and we wonder the same things.

What sacrifices are they making to make that work? We lived in a one-bedroom apartment, relied heavily on our ward and friends for childcare and realized that being an "A" student wasn't the highest priority (family was). We managed to live on one student part-time income but also enlisted help from WIC and medicaid. I'm not saying the government is the answer if you don't feel like living within your means, though.

Really, I can't answer any of your questions...Sorry.