Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

Yesterday I (Marianne) felt very motivated to do a little spring cleaning. I took the curtains off all of our windows and let some light in! It was great. I also cleaned out all the bugs and grossness of the windows. It's nice to actually be able to see outside from down here in the basement. I'm certainly not in a position to complain about our current living situation, but at an uncertain future time, I am definitely looking forward to being on ground level and being able to enjoy the outside sunshine.


McCall said...

We can sympathize with your thoughts of living in a dungeon- plus we used to work in a dungeon too. Aren't we lucky to be out of there!? Did you go to the Open house of the Aspen Ridge P.T.? Me and my dad went and it looks really great!

C and MC said...

Yeah, it is definitely nice to be above ground at least when I'm not home. I'm a lot more aware of what the weather is like. I haven't seen the new Aspen Ridge PT, but I want to go in and see it, I'm sure it's great.