Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Designs by Kelsey

My sis Kelsey had her first big Boutique for her jewelry today. It was so fun to peruse around and see what everybody got.

Bracelets on display.

This is one of my favorite bracelets!

There were 4 tables of them. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings.

When Clark got home from school he wanted to watch Heroes and so decided to move the table. This video is kind of long, but hilarious to me and Kels. Clark starts singing at the end not realizing that I am still filming. I apologize for the shakiness, but I was laughing.


McCall said...

I was sad I couldn't come! My mom got some way cute things. I love how the little tags are engraved with kelsey's name!

Chrystal Wilcox said...

the picture at the top of your blog is hilarious! Also we are interested to see if you would be around this year if we threw a halloween party. Please go to our blog for information and leave a comment.

Blake and Laura said...

Love Love Love that bracelet too. I remember she made the jewelry for your wedding too. It was fun! We're excited you're coming soon. Yes, my mom is here now. Makayla is having a BLAST!!! And we do wish we were annoucing a baby but not yet. Sad :(