Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami

Marianne's uncle Mark works with a company called the Bowl Games of America who organize parts of the pregame and halftime shows of many of the bowl games with concert bands and dance groups from around the country. This year he hired me to help out at the Orange Bowl in Miami. Let me just say that being in Miami during the winter is amazing. It was over 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) everyday we were there. I helped Mark with sound equipment, moving the groups from their seats to the field on game day and other random assignments with which he needed help. It was so cool to be down there. I only wish Marianne could have come as well. The only other bad part was I wasn't able to watch the Sugar Bowl because I was flying back to Salt Lake (don't worry, I downloaded the game on iTunes and have now watched it. DOMINATION!). Actually, there was one other bad part. It was Cincinnati vs Virginia Tech. Had either one of these teams gone undefeated in their conference, they would have played in the National Championship because they have money. Utah was eliminated from the National Championship before the season even started. I hate the BCS. The system is broken. Demand a playoff system to whoever you think can help, especially if you know someone like Ohio State's university president. Of course, if you know that person, why are you reading my blog? Read this article.The view looking out from the hotel.
The hotel pool with a waterfall.
The field.The largest iguana I think I've ever seen. It was just walking around outside of my building.

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brittyd said...

Freakin Florida!?...While we're here freezin our tushies off! Ha ha! :) I can't believe you got left behind Mar
!:( :)