Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Utah State Championships

Yesterday I competed in my first weightlifting competition. It was fun and gave me some insight on how the competition's format works and how I can prepare myself for the Utah Summer Games. I was in the under-94kg weight class (that's under 206.8 lbs for those who are metrically-impaired). I'm grateful to those who attended the competition and supported me (Marianne, Kelsey, Clark, Leslie, David, Alisha and Am

You all who attended are probably wondering how your long experience at that competition could have produced such a short video. It's a power sport, that's how. Also, the music was just to add something and I apologize that it's not on beat. I love for things to be on beat with the music so it was tough for me to see as well.

This is the U of U Weightlifting Club [from left to right: Mike Waller (head coach), me, Zach Gee, Jason Miller (assistant coach) and Adam Dietlein.]

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Kaeli said...

Chris that was awesome!! Me and my roommate can do 10 pounds during body pump! haha It was fun to watch and you did great...2nd place!