Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joys of Primary

Last Sunday I was teaching my 5 and 6 year old primary kids about prophets. I told them that only a man could be the prophet. I was trying to prompt them a bit so the following conversation occured.

"Why can only a man be the prophet?"


"What is something that only a man can have?"


"It starts with a P?"

Luckily, silence.

As I realized what the most obvious, but incorrect, answer was I quickly prayed that the kids wouldn't yell it out and further prompted them "It is a long word that starts with a P that only men in the church can receive . . . "

Finally a little girl yelled out PRIESTHOOD!

I was so relieved and we quickly moved on to another subject. phew.


Blake and Laura said...

Cute! I love Primary kids. I taught the 5 year old boys after my Freshman year of college and it was so fun. Difficult at time, but fun. Now I get to play in Nursery.

McCall said...

ha ha ha! That is very lucky they didn't go for the other answer!

Scott, Kelly, Liz said...

You are lucky, that could have been bad but hilarious. Haha!

Tori B said...

Classic. I can totally picture this in my head...

Tori said...

haha! Phew is right! I bet you are the cutest teacher ever :) And yes, we do need to get together, I give up on the mailman!