Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trixie Tracker

Have any of you ever heard of this Trixie Tracker? It keeps track of your baby's sleeping, diapers, nursings, etc. It is pretty crazy. I was looking for an iTouch App that would let me keep track of it and this is the closest thing we (Alisha was helping me) find. They'll give you a free 14 day trial and then it is like $8 a month (hopefully I will have a better idea of his schedule before I am tempted to buy the monthly subscription), but I am hoping it helps me to know when he likes to sleep during the day and etc.

About Trixie Tracker
Rich, informative charts and striking visualizations help you better understand your amazing baby’s needs and daily rhythms. Trixie Tracker can be shared online so that parents, family and caregivers can communicate with each other.

Lets you track:
- sleep schedules
- diaper changes
- bottle and breastfeeding
- solids
- pumping
- milk inventory
- medicine doses

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Anonymous said...

You might also check out Babble Soft. There is a 15-day trial and you can also enter milestones in an online baby album and even e-mail picture postcards to family and friends. It's cheaper than Trixie Tracker, but better, in my opinion. Here's the link:

Good luck!