Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Listen to this one.

I filed our state taxes at the first of March. We received a direct deposit in our bank account from the state for about 25 dollars less than what it had originally told me. I got a letter in the mail the other day explaining that there was a levy placed against our account from The University Hospital Clinics. The levy was for $11.40 with a $15.00 administration fee. The letter gave me a phone number to call if I had any questions. So, I called it today. At first the lady had no idea what I was talking about, (she said she was new) then she put me on hold and asked her supervisor. Then the supervisor asked if they could call me back after they had researched it a bit. They called me back a few minutes later. Apparently, the levy was placed because of an unpaid balance of $11.40 from 2006! Chris had gone to a doctor and Blue Cross/Blue Shield (his Mom's insurance at the time) had not paid the entire balance. We weren't even married then. I told this woman that I had never received a bill for the amount due. She said that in August of 2007 a letter was sent to 1155 E 400 S (where Chris lived for the years before we got married in May of 07). Obviously, the responsible men living there after we got married saw no need to get that letter to Chris. I knew that the woman I was talking to had no power, but she was very nice and listened to me while I expressed my frustration with the situation. What do you guys think? Pretty good system we have going here huh? Freak. I swear this kind of stuff happens to Chris all the time. Random payments or loans that I didn't even know existed that come back to bite us. I'll pray that this is the last of them.

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Scott, Kelly, Liz said...

Sorry Marianne, that stinks! Something similar happened to us. Scott went to the hospital for a shoulder injury a few years before we were married. You know how you end up with bills from different doctors when you go to the hospital. Well he thought he had paid everything. He moved to a new apartment and years later the bill and all it's late fees showed up on his credit report. The original bill was about $26. I don't remember how much we ended up paying but I wasn't happy. Great system.