Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Happy Bird-Day" March 15th

My day started out how every day should. Oven pancake. Chris did a marvelous job with this bad boy, double recipe, walls twice as high as the pan.

Then we went out to Salt Lake Running Co. to pick me up a pair of these beauties.
Vibram Fivefingers Sprint.

Then went to The Gateway for CPK lunch.

Camden liked the fountains spraying in his face.

My bub-a-lubs'.

As you could all probably guess, Camden is much happier with the entire slice of bread than the measly bits we can give him. Even if he will choke on it.


charly said...

MC!! So glad you found our blog and that I could find yours!!! Working at Clytie's? A cute little one? (And a cute big one too) Fun!

Taylor said...

are those gardening gloves for your feet?

oh and dont tell mere, but i was the one who remembered your birthday first.

Scott, Kelly, Liz said...

Happy Birthday! You will have to let me know how well you like the running shoes. They look cool!