Saturday, December 11, 2010

17 Miracles

We had the exceptional experience of being a part of Uncle Ta's latest movie, 17 Miracles.  Camden is playing the youngest version (I believe) of Levi Mathers Savage.  Camden filmed one day in August and again today.  It is really a fun experience to see how movie making works and meet the people that make it all come to life.  I am excited to see the film when it is all done, because just knowing bits and pieces that I do, I am touched by the Spirit and humbled by the circumstances the pioneers went through.

Here are some pics I managed to catch.

Cam with his "Dad"

Cam with his "Aunt"

The wonderful T.C.

Levi (young) and Levi (older)

Getting dressed.  The sucker made this possible, but it also made for blue lips later on.  oops.

Cam with his "Dad"
Cam with his Mom (no quotation marks).
One frustration about filming today was that they had to "create" snow, because of course there is NO snow in Utah in the middle of December.  Man that would irritate me as a film maker.


Circe said...

How cute! How can I get in on this?! I love to act!

Scott, Kelly, Liz, Logan said...

That's so cool that Camden gets to be in a film. He makes an adorable pioneer. I will have to see film when it comes out. Better start teaching Camden how to sign his name in case the movie goes big. :)