Thursday, December 23, 2010

Journal Entry 12.23.10

Yes, it is true.  Today is the best day of my life.

Caveat: This may be TMI for some of you.

Many many moons ago, Chris upchucked in our tub, Dorito style.  And then as if that wasn't bad enough, he tried to wash it down the drain.  The TUB drain.  Well, my friends let's just say that is where I believe it all started.  At least that is when we knew we had a problem.  In our hall bath, the drain stopper unscrews very easily and any cloggies can be removed before you can say Jack Robinson.  As it should be in our master bath.  However, it was impossible to get the stupid thing out.  So for many many moons the draining speed after showering has been increasingly disgustingly.  After showering I am up to my ankles in "grey water".  I am sure you can imagine it was making me want to upchuck (which, if you'll remember is what made us aware of this problem in the first place).  Today, I cleaned the bathrooms.  And when I clean the bathrooms I do a stellar jarb.  I was scrubing the tub with Comet, and my determination to get that drain cleaned out was growing.  I compared it to the hall bath drain.  Then tried to unscrew the thing.  Then eHow told me that WATCO drains are made to be really easy to remove, so I knew we had a defect and no longer cared about wrenching the heck out of it.  I tried to untwist it.  It moved a bit, but I was scraping away the metal.  I asked Chris to try.  After he had 5 bowls of cereal, he tried.  VICTORY!  It was a Festivus Miracle!!  Chris couldn't watch while I removed the "clog" (hair, hair, hair, soap, hair, hair, hair), having the time of my life, for fear that he may upchuck (see previous statements regarding the word upchuck).  Let me tell you am I one happy camper.  Can't wait to take a shower and never see that grey water again.  sidenote: I am in favor of reusing grey water for toilet plumbing, I just don't want to be standing in my body grime after I just washed it all off.

Hence, the best day of my life.

UPDATE: Marianne unknowingly referred to it, but today is Festivus. -Chris


Scott, Kelly, Liz, Logan said...

How funny! My husband had the same "joy" of cleaning the hair out of the bathtub drain today. What a coincidence. Glad you don't have to stand in gray water anymore.

katie thompson said...

i am all too familiar with dorito throw up. seriously this kid at the dentist office threw up all over himself and down my arm. guess what he had just eaten. doritos! it was awful, i will never eat those chips again. ah.. im sick. i think i may go throw up in my tub now.

themanonthespot said...

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