Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Da Bir"

In case you haven't noticed, this child LOVES animals.  Especially birds.

Thankfully, he is the luckiest child in the world, and has an Aunt Sarah who has a bird.  A bird who sits on her head.  After attempting MANY nighttime showings (a no go), Sarah figured out that we may have better luck in the morning hours.  So last week we tried again.  After multiple attempts of getting Twilight on Cam's head, SUCCESS!!  He was loving it.

Twilight picking at Camden's hair.  :)

On Sarah's head.

Feeding him graham crackers.

And as luck would have it (kidding), there was a wounded/shocked/scared/immobile bird on a VERY low branch at the Kaysville Cemetary when we went memorializing on Monday.

"A Bird."

"On my head?"

I think we have a future Zoologist on our hands.  Make space Hogle Zoo.


TyandMar said...

Haha! Love love love it. It's so nice to have kids that aren't afraid of animals. I think it's so cute.

McCall said...

You are hilarious!

kevin said...

Hilarious! And what a cute blog! I'm learning from you!!

Tami said...

stumbled on your blog @ random. love this story, such a sweet little boy!