Sunday, June 19, 2011

Utah Summer Games 2011

On Friday I drove down to Cedar City to compete in weightlifting in the Utah Summer Games. I camped in Cedar Canyon a few miles east of Cedar City and then lifted on Saturday. It's always fun to compete at meets and gauge how my training is going, as well as hang out with other weightlifters.


Great day in the snatch. Best snatches of my life.

Clean & Jerk:

Terrible day for clean and jerk, at least on the platform when it counted. I didn't miss anything in warm ups, including 110 kilos. The more I watch my first attempt, I honestly can't believe I was red-lighted. It should have counted. Oh well.

My friend from the U also lifted. While he bombed out in the snatch (missed 102 kilos three times, a weight he can easily get) he had a monster day in the clean and jerk.

I also got a few of the big lifts from Saturday on film. I wish I would have filmed more but I had to warm up sometimes and just plain forgot other times. A fun day though.


sandstorm said...

Great blog and videos. I used to lift for fun not competing though. Looks like it was a good day out. Please take a look at my blogs if you get the chance.

Kind Regards

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La chica llama Kelsey said...

Crazy! I get all tense just watching. Good job with the P.R.! I´m glad you were able to go.