Thursday, May 24, 2012

Play Days

It has been so fun to have scheduled play times for some same-aged kiddos in our neighborhood.  As you can see, Chris is the center of attention (as always) and it is SO nice having Chris home in the morning to help keep the peace.

I made a fun finger paint recipe out of sugar, salt, water, and cornstarch and they liked it pretty well.  It is cute because they all have their colors, that the picked for finger paints and plates/cups.

Camden is a little bit on the defense during these playtimes.

Snack Time

B gets pink.

Cam gets blue.

C gets green.

And B gets orange!


Kelsey said...

Fun! That picture of Cam looking wary is AWESOME. Priceless.

Shane and Kenzie said...

Oh those kids are so so cute. Glad your joyschool has worked out!