Sunday, May 27, 2012


Having Camden "pull your hair" while he is tired is the ultimate comfort level, which Kelsey received on this day.  We just love playing with Aunt Tse-Tsy.

Kelsey has taught Cam:

how to bead, and put wads of clay through the ringer

how to "PART-AY!"

how to love Iron Man and fly like him

It was hilarious yesterday to hear Camden yelling to Kelsey while she was in the bathroom.  "TSE-TSY?!?!?  WHY ARE YOU IN THE BATHROOM?  TSE-TSY!"

And often throughout the house you just hear Camden yell, "TSE-TSY!"

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Kelsey said...

I am honored by this post and the blessing of being an aunt to this remarkable little boy. Thanks for all the fun times, guys.