Saturday, September 15, 2012

3 at 3'3"

For Camden's THIRD birthday we went to Cherry Hill. Actually, let's back up. On Tuesday a large box appeared on our doorstep. Camden was with Chris when he brought it in, so naturally he was curious. We told him it was his birthday present and his birthday wasn't until Saturday so he'd have to wait. He started ripping off tape, so we put it at the top of the closet where he can see it but not reach it. Every day he would see it up there and we'd talk about how many days until his birthday.  It was so fun to see him excited and understanding it was on "Saturday" and the "8th".  Well, that morning we got up (late as usual) and were just hanging out, planning to go to Cherry Hill when he saw the package and knew it was his birthday so he could open it!  It was a Bow and Arrow Chris got him.  Camden has been obsessed with Arrows for forever, it all stemmed from watching Robin Hood.  He struggled for awhile to be able to string his own bow, but by the next day he was a PRO!

Then we went to Cherry Hill.  Chris and Cam have never been.  I pretty much read while Cleo slept all day, but it was really fun to see my two boys playing.  They went on Cardiac Canyon, but Cam had to be in his own tube, so about 1/4 a way down that he was done but what can you do but hurry down?  Really what he loved most was the Lazy River.  The water is about 3 feet high so with Cam up on his tip toes he could pretty much keep his head up.  He bounced along there for probably 6 hours that day.  Later in the evening Erica, Jared, Paul, Kelsey, Mom and Dad came!  It was SO FUN!  Kelsey held Cleo and Mom held Paul while I went on Cardiac Canyon with Chris, Erica and Jared.  First we had a chain of 4, then we did teams of two and Chris and I BEAT.  Chris fell out of his tube onto my arm at one point, my ears hurt afterwards from being way cold, and I got that headache that I always get when I have been laughing too hard.  It was way way fun.  Way.  We brought picnic food and so we could come get a bite in between lazy river rounds.  Makes me want to go there more often next year.  Camden was doing front flips (somersaults) in the lazy river water, it was pretty sweet.

I was right at the side of the main sidewalk above Pirate's Cove, so while I had my book (The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat) I was constantly being distracted from reading to watch all the interesting people go by.  (P.S. People watching is THAT much more interesting when you involve swimming suits.)

Kelsey went on the Blue Slides with Cam, then hurried over to the Lazy River before it closed. 

Cleo pretty much slept all day.  Little beaut.

The next day we had a little family get together for Camden and all the September birthdays in my family.  There are 7!  I baked the cake early in the day, but hadn't done the apple dip or peanut butter bars yet when everybody took a nap.  MIRACLE!  However, when we woke up at 6:45, people coming over at 7:30, still things to make and newborns to feed it was a bit of a rush.

He got all three arrows to stick on the closet door in his room.  Proud, as he should be, because that is dang hard.


Shane and Kenzie said...

What a weekend! I would love to watch Camden shoot his bow and arrows...that really isn't an easy thing to learn. But Camden is a "step above" isn't he? ;)
When I was a lifeguard at Cherry Hill I LOVED people watching. (I promise I payed attention to the swimmers haha) I am so glad that you had such a fun time there with your family...I can tell by how cute you look in the picture!

Circe said...

Happy birthday Camden! I love that you have a special headache that you always get when you laugh too hard. Some people don't laugh that hard often enough to know that. I love it!!

wahlstrom said...

Happy birthday to your little dude! You guys should get cherry hill passes next year. I have had them for 3 different summers with my kids and they just love to go! It's a nice outing when it's so hot outside.

Kelsey said...

Yeah, that laughing headache is bittersweet. I don't think I've had one of those in a while. :( That day was so fun, and I definitely agree that we should go often next year. Maybe Camden will like Cardiac Canyon and the blue slides by then. Thanks for putting on the family birthday party.