Monday, September 3, 2012

Cleo Week 1

Poor Camden wants to play with Cleo all day every day, but she sleeps so dang much it becomes a problem.  Her umbilical stump fell off, hooray!  The little gDiapers are wonderful.  She is becoming more awake when everyone else is going to sleep, not hooray!  Not eating as much as my ducts think she should be, so I already have like 5 bags of breastmilk sitting in the freezer.

Happy Labor Day!


TyandMar said...

Love the pics!! I missed talking to you at the train park! We had to leave quickly to get to a baptism. Hope Camden had fun!

Shane and Kenzie said...

I love being able to talk with you about your experiences and how they differ between Camden and have been such an amazing friend to be so open with me!
Cleo sure is a cutie...I can see why Camden wants to play with her all day!

Ryan & Candice Lamb said...

So lucky on the milk department! She looks so much like Camden, she is super cute! Can's wait to see her again!