Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Kick

We've all seen this sign.Juninho, the best free kick taker in soccer.
A surprising calm kick to the face.
Standard kick line.
(This is Chris writing)
Marianne has been feeling kicks and last night for the first time I definitively felt a kick. It was exciting. I thought I had felt one last week during the Real game, but last night was for sure. This pregnancy just keeps getting more exciting.


The Beckstroms said...

Congrats Chris! That's fun. Dan is always impatient to feel the kicks. That's his favorite part.

Dad/Grandpa said...

Feeling your baby kick, is one of the most exciting times for a New Father and of course older one too. Remember these moments they can never replace these moments of eternal truth of life.

McCall said...

When did you go to paris!? I had no idea! You should've told me a couple weeks ago and given me all your knowledge!