Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Old Davis High School

My bro Clarkie was on the soccer team that took state a few weeks ago. It was so fun and exciting to be at the game. Good job Clark.

This was taken at the rainy semi-final game against Granger. Final score 3-0.

These next pictures are low quality, but here is the team at the championship game at Rio Tinto.

Jimmy and Clark during the opening ceremony.

Jimmy, Clark, Dallin, and Dillan.

Congrats Davis. It was a fabulously fun season to be a part of. I didn't miss a single game.


Mom, wearing everything brown and gold she owns.
True fans.


TyandMar said...

Once a Dart, always a Dart. Nicely done Clark! :)

McCall said...

I didn't know they took state!! That's so great!