Monday, June 21, 2010

my daddy is my favorite pal

in the first few minutes of life here on earth.

He teaches me . . .

how to look nice on Sunday,

how to brush my teeth,

how to walk barefoot,

how to have fun,

how to swim,

and how to take long afternoon naps in the summer.

I'm very glad that he's my dad, and I know he loves me too.


Kaeli said...

So precious and so cute! Happy Fathers Day Chris!

Brooke and Jonny said...

So so cute!! What fun pictures to have as memories!

Ps to your question on if I've been able to nurse him yet. I haven't, he is drinking my milk which is good but he hasn't graduated to nursing yet

Circe said...

Aaah, what cute boys! :) Camden is lucky to have such great parents. I loved having so many "Camden Sightings" last week, and so did my kids!

Scott, Kelly, Liz said...

Cute post Marianne. Dad's are important!