Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Could It Be?

Welcome.  I know some of you are sick of coming to our blog only to find "Bearding the Shave".  Not that the aformentioned subject wasn't important in our lives, because it very much was, it just may not have meant very much to you.  However, this next subject may be different.

Shutterfly!  GIVING away 50 Holiday Cards?  This is an offer I cannot pass up.  I learned about it from the amazing Hannah's blog.  If any of you know Hannah or remember her from high school, she is one seriously go-getting girl.  Smart, talented, cute, nice, did I mention smart?  I figured I can't go wrong with something she is advertising.

I love Shutterfly because they always send out e-mails containing discounts, like every week.  I have ordered pictures and return address labels through them before and been very pleased, but my favorite thing had to have been Camden's 1 year book I printed earlier this year.  Details here.

I am hoping this works.  If any of you fellow bloggers would also like to try your luck, click here for more info.

If this whole thing is for real, I think I'll choose this one.



heck, I love 'em all.

Maybe I'll even get a Christmas picture mug for sipping hot chocolate or a get some baby announcements for our next little one, which I wish was already on the way but it is not.


Circe said...

You can't go wrong with any card that has a picture of Camden on it! I'd better be on your list!!

The Beckstroms said...

I can't do this because my blog is private :'(

HDVB said...

:) Oh Marianne, you're such a doll! Thanks for the sweet words - you're much to kind!

I thought it wasn't for real either...but to my JOYOUS surprise it worked and I am OH SO GLAD IT DID! Love all the cards you picked - I agree with "Circe" -- that ANY card with a pic of your Mr. Camden (and you and the hubs of course!) will be darling!

Hey, and I want to hear more about Dental Hygiene! I already feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who stares in to people's mouth all day! ;)

Blake and Laura said...

Thanks, Mar! Totally doing it.

Debbie you can still do it. I have a random blog for those purposes. When I was entering all those giveaways last year, that's the blog I used so I didn't have to fill my personal blog with giveaways.