Sunday, November 7, 2010

Start from the Very Beginning

There are so many things I've wanted to blog about, so let's start at the very beginning.

HALLOWEEN!  Thanks to Ptolemy, Golda, Ruby, and Lexie Dopp (the most thoughtful family you ever will meet) our costumes were Toy Story themed this year.  It was our first family costume.

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

Spitting image of Woody right?  sans beard?

Nothing better than playing with G-ma.

Camden loved looking at the kids that came to the door.

Jessie, Buzz, and Woody. 

Kelsey was the mastermind, director, producer, costume manager, etc. of our costumes.  Without her we would have looked pretty crappy (because I tend to cut a few corners in these kind of things), so THANK YOU KELS!  (I need the "in-the-process" pictures to put up.)


Circe said...

I'm glad I got to see the Toy Story family on Halloween. Y'all rocked! Thank you for stopping by on Camden's Halloween Tour 2010! He's such a little cutie. I hope you got lots of pictures of the three of you together!

TyandMar said...

It's so much more fun to do family themed costumes! :) Love the Toy Story theme--you can't go wrong. :)

Scott, Kelly, Liz, Logan said...

Very cute costumes!