Monday, August 20, 2012

How to NOT have a baby

How to NOT have a baby that may or may not be "due" in the next 2-4 weeks-ish.

Step 1 - Kayak the Provo River on Monday

Chris got this ideer from Travelzoo, discount vouchers to use on the Provo River.  It was GREAT!  Not long enough, that is for sure.  Chris, Cam and I in an inflatable Kayak floatin down the river.  (Had I realized how mild it would be I probably could have brought my camera and got a pic of us ON the kayak, but it was too late by the time I realized.)

Step 2 - Work every day the rest of the week.

Phew.  Should be baby-less until at least Sunday.

Don't get the wrong idea, I am PSYCHED for her to come but I am trying to mentally prepare for her to arrive on the later end of 38-42 weeks in gestation.  People act like once you are past 37 weeks your baby should be popping out any second.  I, however, believe that thought process is flawed.  At least for me.  I can be patient and let her come when she's ready.  At least through this week while I have a plan.  :)


Kelsey Richardson said...

Don't forget your homeruns and serious softball skills!

Teresa said...

I never gave birth,my children are adopted. BUT!! I have heard that castor oil works very well for bringing on labor, though the "solution" may be harder to take than the wait. My vote is for waiting.

Congratulations on your baby girl! They are fun to dress up. Girl clothes are WAY more fun than boy clothes. Enjoy it!!

HDVB said...

okay…how did I miss that you're having a baby girl!? I am such blog slacker…CONGRATULATIONS! I am so stoked to see this beauty! You're looking amazing by the way!